Career Advising

Career Advising and Information

Below you will find information about potential career options a student in the Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity major might pursue. You will also find a brief listing of career advising resources available to current UCD students.

Sample Career Options

Educational strengths, training experience and skill level requirements may vary.

Agriculture Careers
  • Sustainable Agroecosystem Consultant

  • Crop/Livestock Geneticist

  • Horticulturist (Public Garden)

Education and Communication
  • Public Educator

  • Environmental Journalist/Editor

  • Public Affairs Officer

  • Environmental Outreach Instructor

  • Advisor on Nature Programs/Films

  • Documentary Filmmaker

  • Nature Photojournalist

  • Scientific Illustrator

Environmental Careers
  • Forester

  • Range Manager/Rangeland Specialist

  • Soil Scientist

  • Park Ranger/Manager

  • Environmental Consultant

  • Biodiversity Survey Specialist

  • Wildlife Biologist

  • Zoo Biologist/Educator

Graduate Programs/Research
  • An EEB degree prepares our graduates for further study in all areas of life sciences, from genetics to conservation biology.

  • Many of our graduates ultimately complete doctoral programs and enter into scientific careers.

  • Graduate groups might include: Evolution and/or Ecology, Biology, Population Biology, Integrated Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Behavior, Genetics, or Plant Biology.

Planning and Design
  • Landscape Architect

  • County/City/Parks Planner

Professional Programs
  • Medicine

  • Environmental Law

  • Veterinary Medicine

  • Urban Planning

  • Public Health

  • International Studies

Public Action
  • Environmental Activist

  • Lobbyist

Campus Career Advising Resources

As a UCD student, there are a variety of career advising resources available to you. Please consult the list below and visit those advising offices applicable to you.

Internship and Career Center (ICC)

South Hall, (530) 752-2855


Whether you have a career goal or are unsure of what career you might like to pursue, this is the office to visit. There you will find tests and advisers to help you clarify your career goals. They are also able to help you find an internship that provides you direct experience in a particular field. Peruse their website for UCD career fair dates and particulars.

Health Professions Advising

1090 Orchard Road, (530) 752-6435


The Office of Health Professions Advising serves all UC Davis undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni pursuing any health profession or allied health field.  If you are interested in a career in the medical, dental or veterinary fields, this office can provide you with information and advice about testing, applications, letters of recommendation, preparation for and admission to health professions programs.

Pre-Graduate School Advising

117 South Hall, (530) 752-4475


Pre-Graduate/Law Advising is here to support you in your exploration of, preparation for, and application to graduate or professional school through workshops, advising appointments, and special events.  This office is available for students who are interested in continuing their studies through graduate school. If you want to become a professor or researcher, this office is for you.  An "Applying to Graduate School: A Guide and Workbook" is available at the link.