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CBS Annual Faculty Awards Recognize Excellence in Teaching, Research

Each year, the College of Biological Sciences recognizes outstanding members of its faculty for significant efforts in the classroom and laboratory.  This year, Bruce Draper, a professor in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology who studies how germline stem cells are regulated and function in vertebrates, and Laci Gerhart, an assistant professor of teaching in the Department of Evolution and Ecology who teaches the ever-popular “Wild Davis” course, were recog

Wild Davis Course: Students Collect Samples at Arboretum to Measure Water Quality

Laci Gerhart, an assistant professor of teaching in the Department of Evolution and Ecology, teaches EVE 016 or Wild Davis, which offers students the chance to learn about community science and the urban ecology and natural history of Davis.  And in conjunction with that course...  The Arboretum and Public Garden at UC Davis is about to get a fresh set of water quality data after students fanned out earlier this month along the Arboretum Waterway to measure salinity and fecal coliform levels. 

Horsing Around with Music

Though animals respond well to music, humans are usually the ones to choose it. To change this, a senior design team in the College of Engineering developed a device that lets horses choose which music they want to listen to.

Kate Laskowski Named 2023 Sloan Fellow

Three UC Davis faculty members are among 125 recipients of this year’s Sloan Research Fellowships, prestigious awards given by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to early-career scientific researchers seen as emerging leaders in their fields. The 2023 fellows, including UC Davis’ Kate L. Laskowski - a faculty member in the Department of Evolution and Ecology, Jesús M. Velázquez and Alexander S. Wein, “represent the most promising scientific researchers working today,” the Alfred P.

Science Storytelling Through a Camera Lens

From Chilean tidepools to the High Sierra, 12 UC Davis graduate students traveled the world this summer in search of answers to ecology’s most pressing questions. The Ecology Film Festival, Thursday, Jan. 19, 2023, at Bodega Bay; and Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2023, in Davis showcased graduate students who took part in UC Davis’ Scientific Filmmaking course this past fall.

Forty Years of Science in 40 Minutes

He quipped that he was "going to cover 40 years of science in 40 minutes."  And UC Davis distinguished professor emeritus and Department of Evolution and Ecology faculty member, Harris Lewin, did just that when he delivered the inaugural UC Davis New Emeriti Distinguished Lecture on “From Chickens to Cows to Everything: Perspectives from 40 Years in Science."

Hibernating Corals and the Microbiomes That Sustain Them

As winter approaches, many species of animals — from bears and squirrels to parasitic wasps and a few lucky humans — hunker down for some needed rest. The northern star coral (Astrangia poculata) also enters a hibernating state of dormancy, or quiescence, during this time. But what happens to its microbiome while it’s sleeping?

Marina LaForgia Named 2022 For Women in Science Fellowship from L'Oréal USA

UC Davis postdoctoral scholar Marina LaForgia, Ph.D. '21 was recently (Nov. 3) named a 2022 For Women in Science (FWIS) Fellowship from L'Oréal USA, making her one of only five postdoctoral scholars in the United States to receive this grant.

LaForgia's research focuses on seed dispersal of plants to help determine which species will be most vulnerable to environmental change.