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How Students Dive into Marine Science at UC Davis - Undergraduate Research Helps Shape Our Understanding of the Ocean’s Coast and Climate at Bodega Marine Laboratory

UC Davis junior Caroline Donohew watched the everyday power of biology in just five minutes during her summer session class at UC Davis’ Bodega Marine Laboratory, or BML, a coastal research and education facility about 100 miles west of campus. Experiences like this are available to UC Davis students across all fields.

A Mixed Origin Made Maize Successful

Maize (corn) is one of the world's most important staple crops and has great cultural significance for Indigenous peoples in the Americas. New work by Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra, a Department of Evolution and Ecology faculty member at UC Davis, and international colleagues shows how maize was domesticated from two wild varieties.

Jay Stachowicz Named Interim Director of Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute, Succeeds Founding Director Rick Grosberg

Jay Stachowicz, a professor in the Department of Evolution and Ecology, has been named the interim director of the Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute (CMSI). Stachowicz succeeds the institute’s founding director, Rick Grosberg, a distinguished professor emeritus of evolution and ecology who retired from the university earlier this year.

Genome Study Shows Recent Spread of Eelgrass

Beds of eelgrass (Zostera marina) form an important habitat in coastal regions throughout the northern hemisphere, crucial to many fish and other species and storing vast amounts of carbon. A new study published July 20 in Nature Plants shows that eelgrass spread around the world much more recently than previously thought, just under a quarter-million years ago.

CBS Annual Faculty Awards Recognize Excellence in Teaching, Research

Each year, the College of Biological Sciences recognizes outstanding members of its faculty for significant efforts in the classroom and laboratory.  This year, Bruce Draper, a professor in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology who studies how germline stem cells are regulated and function in vertebrates, and Laci Gerhart, an assistant professor of teaching in the Department of Evolution and Ecology who teaches the ever-popular “Wild Davis” course, were

Wild Davis Course: Students Collect Samples at Arboretum to Measure Water Quality

Laci Gerhart, an assistant professor of teaching in the Department of Evolution and Ecology, teaches EVE 016 or Wild Davis, which offers students the chance to learn about community science and the urban ecology and natural history of Davis.  And in conjunction with that course...  The Arboretum and Public Garden at UC Davis is about to get a fresh set of water quality data after students fanned out earlier this month along the Arboretum Waterway to measure salinity and fecal coliform levels. 

Horsing Around with Music

Though animals respond well to music, humans are usually the ones to choose it. To change this, a senior design team in the College of Engineering developed a device that lets horses choose which music they want to listen to.